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Honey Packaging


Liquid honey in a bottle is by far the most popular, but honey can also be purchased in its natural container. Round comb or square cut comb are produced by many beekeepers . Honey can be eaten along with the wax comb or it can be discarded after chewing. Chunk honey is a combination of liquid honey in the jar with a piece of comb suspended in the jar for the best of both worlds. When honey is extracted, stored and then jarred it is important to clean and decontaminate all the materials to be sure the honey will last a long time and not spoil. Here at BIG Buzz we use only wide mouth glass jars to bottle all of our honey. With raw honey crystallization is inevitable unless used quickly or stored in a warm environment. Being able to fit a spoon in the jar adds a big convenience.



Does honey go bad?


Honey spoilage is unusual, but honey that is not stored properly or is contaminated with water or other foodstuff can spoil on rare occasions. If honey is stored at room temperature and dispensed with a clean utensil it can last for many years without spoiling. I heard of a story where a tomb was discovered in Egypt. Near the mummified body was an urn filled with honey which was apparently placed in the tomb as a sort of offering. When the honey was analyzed it was found to be perfectly well preserved and ready to eat after many hundreds of years!