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Types Of Honey


Though we have native vegetation in bloom for the majority of spring summer and fall, there are two primary nectar flows in our area where our bees are able to collect enough to produce a surplus of honey. The early flow in May and June is primarily made up of fruit blossoms and produces a lightly colored and flavored honey with medium complexity. Our late nectar flow is the larger of the two flows and produces a darker more complex honey with layers of flavors that linger on the palette.



Mono-floral vs Poly-floral honey


Mono-floral honey, is derived from a single plant source. Some of these such as tupelo, sourwood, lavender, orange blossom and manuka are prized for their unique flavor or medicinal value.

Poly-floral honey, sometimes known as wildflower honey, is derived from multiple sources and often exhibits more diverse flavoring than that of monofloral honey. The flavors and intensity will vary from year to year.....