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Check Out Some of Our Local Friends

Here are some groups that are a great source of information on beekeeping and Honey in the New England area.


Middlesex County Beekeepers Association:

The MCBA has members throughout Middlesex County, MA and the surrounding area. The theme of our club is "beekeepers helping beekeepers," finding enjoyment and fulfillment in keeping bees. The club maintains a Members only web site to post questions and exchange information between meetings - a great way to stay in touch. We welcome new members and offer classes in beekeeping for beginners.


Meetings - The MCBA meets monthly to discuss topics relevant to beekeeping in the area. Topics include hive management, bee pests and diseases, swarm management and predator advice, plants and pollination, and extracting honey. In addition, the club runs a number of annual activities including a course on the Basics of Beekeeping, an annual Spring Workshop, and a display at various County Fairs.


What we offer - Members of MCBA range from beekeeping hobbyists with one or two hives to those who run beekeeping businesses with several hundred hives. All members enjoy the following benefits: Access to the club’s large library of videos and books on beekeeping, members' interactive web site, the opportunity to learn from established beekeepers’ experiences, as well as those of State and Regional bee associations, subscription to the club’s monthly newsletter, and the chance to sell bee products at the fairs.  We also have extracting equipment available for Members to rent and offer discounts on subscriptions to "Bee Culture" and "American Bee Journal" magazines.

Membership -To join, please complete the Membership Application, enclose a check for $10.00 for annual membership, payable to 'MCBA'  and send it to:


New England Bee Keeping:

This is the home of New England Beekeeping Supplies, Inc. and Bee-Cause Apiaries which is owned and operated by Rick Reault. Rick is the past president and current vice president of Middlesex county beekeepers. Rick has been a great resource and mentor to me and so many other new beekeepers in our area. The objective of N.E. Bees is to supply educational materials and teach beekeeping methods through video and direct contact. they also carry a quality line of Beekeeping equipment and supplies at competitive prices.


Spring Brook Farm:

Spring Brook Farm is a cool place to stop and pickup a variety of fresh produce, dairy products, baked goods and preserved specialty foods. It's almost like a mini supermarket with an assortment of foods grown on the farm and brought in fresh from local specialty producers. This is my "go to" place for corn during the growing season. It is the absolute freshest and there is usually an assortment of butter and sugar, silver queen and other interesting varieties. There is also a great selection of local beekeeper's raw honey including Wild Flower Honey from Big Buzz Apiary!