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Our Honey


Big Buzz produces only raw honey directly from the comb. Our bees have access to acres of meadow, wetlands, fruit trees and bushes. Typical forage in the spring is fruit blossom, clover, chestnut and black locust. The honey produced is light in color with a mild fruit essence. This honey will be stored in frames by the bees separating it from later season "dark" honey. This gives us the ability to extract "light" and "dark" honey separately at the end of the season.



During summer and fall there are many varieties of wild flowers that bloom until after the first frost. This honey is darker and more complex with layers of sweet spice and light floral flavors. In either case, it is Mother Nature and our bees that ultimately decide what the final product will taste like. Our role is to manage their space in the hive and provide a chemical free environment for them to live and breed.


After our bees have stored the excess honey in the hives, we remove the wax caps, place the frames in a honey extractor and gently spin the frames until centrifugal force pulls the honey out of each cell. The honey is then strained to remove any pieces of wax comb, then it is bottled. The result is honey just the way our bees made it; with bits of pollen and all of the vitamins and minerals nature intended.