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Raw Honey


Raw honey or what is sometimes known as “beekeepers honey” comes directly from the comb with little or no processing. The bees are left to do what nature intended and we keep our hands out of the process as much as possible. Much of the honey purchased in grocery stores is processed in different ways to improve the shelf appearance. This honey is often heated to change its natural structure for the purpose of maintaining its clarity. Unfortunately, the process kills vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that are naturally present when honey comes direct from the comb.





Natural honey directly from a local farm or beekeeper is not processed in this way. We believe that some of the real benefits are the health advantages you get from all natural honey. This is why all the honey harvested at BIG Buzz is left as all natural raw honey.


It is rare in our world to find something as versatile as honey. It’s almost paradoxical when you think about something that is so delicious yet so very good for you. Add in the fact that it is one of the most versatile substances we know of and it doesn’t spoil or go bad very often. It is truly unusual and possibly one of the most underrated substances on earth. It is virtually unchanged over the millennia, and it is responsible for maintaining one of the most advanced super organisms we know of. There are few food elements we know of with such a long esteemed history.