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Chile Peppers & Relish


Our passion for peppers came out of the zesty foods we like to eat. Whether it is a quick stir fry, meat seared on a hot grill, or slow cooked over a low flame we love our spice. For many years the winter months left us with few options for adding heat to our food. With all of the hundreds of “boutique” sauces, you’d think there would be plenty to choose from. Unfortunately, somewhere along the line the sauce makers became supremely interested in being the hottest and forgot the flavor of the peppers. I find most of the sauces to taste less like Chiles and more like vinegar that often has a harsh chemical taste.



After a couple years of frustration I thought that there must be a better way! I tried freezing and dehydrating but that was not convenient and the finished product was not ideal. I was looking for a way to preserve the characteristics of my Chiles and make them easily accessible to use throughout the year. After a bit of thought, research and some trial and error, viola! Our Chile relish was born!





Our relish is hot! We grow a variety of very hot Chiles including the Bhut Jalokia which is generally acknowledged as the hottest pepper in the world. We also use Red Sevina and Orange Habanero, Madame Jeanette, Bird, Pequin, Rocoto, Thai and other varieties that have interesting characteristics that produce a diverse Chile flavor with plenty of heat. Many of our varieties might be considered exotic and have been collected on business trips I have taken to Australia, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Taiwan.